4 Common Mistakes In Email Marketing

An email campaign seems simple enough. You compile a list, slap together some content and tag it with a quick subject line and then blast away!! That’s how many businesses owners approach their email marketing campaign: the quicker the better.

Unfortunately, this isn’t going to produce a successful email marketing campaign. If anything, it’ll probably hurt your overall marketing efforts. So instead of showing you what to do, we’ve decided to compile a list of common errors when it comes to email marketing. Let’s take a look.

Not Getting Consent

Before you even begin thinking about content, subject lines and other strategies, you have to compile a list of email addresses. This list should consist of people who are genuinely interested in your product or service. But if you don’t get the proper permission, you’re getting off on the wrong foot, and that wrong foot is about to get broken.

You see, not only are you going to turn off people by sending them email without their permission — these people will view it as spam — but you’re going to find yourself looking for a lawyer real quick. If you’re adding people to your list without their permission, that’s probably going to break some anti-spam regulation. Not exactly the start you were probably looking for.

Not Watering Your List

Your email list is like a plant. It needs water, sun and lots of attention to grow. Ok, it doesn’t literally need water and sun, but your list isn’t going to magically grow on its own. It’s not Jack and The Bean Stalk where you throw out some magical beans and voila, you have an email list that reaches the clouds.

A major mistake we see is not providing visitors to your site the opportunity to join your subscribe list. If you’ve only got one subscribe list, or none at all, then you’re not giving your list a chance to grow.


So just because you’ve got a good list and it’s growing doesn’t mean it’s going to continue to head in that direction. With all email campaigns, people have the option to unsubscribe, at least you should be offering that option. This isn’t penitentiary lockdown.

Those who subscribe to your list probably expect a certain amount of emails, and typically only expect 1 to 2 a week. If you’re sending out emails on a daily basis, then you can probably wave good bye to a lot of your subscribers.

Lier Lier, Pants On Fire

So the idea of your email campaign is to get people to open your emails AT ALL COSTS! No, it’s not at all costs. You’re not going to have a 100% open rate, and a big mistake is leading them into an email with a subject line that is untruthful.

For example, a great strategy to get people to open your emails is by using a sense of urgency. Let’s say you’ve got a sale going on that ends in a few days. You can use that in your subject line to get them to open it. But if you go to that well too often, your subscribers are not going to believe your subject lines. So stay truthful, otherwise people aren’t going to pay attention to your emails, or simply unsubscribe.

In The End

Obviously there are many mistakes when it comes to email marketing, but these are a few of the rookie mistakes we often see. Just follow the guidelines, give your list the opportunity to grow and be truthful to your subscribers. If you can do this, you’re on the right path to a great email marketing campaign.