4 Strategies For Measuring Brand Awareness

When it comes to your analytics, it’s very clear cut on how your marketing plan is working. You get numbers like visitors, bounce rate, conversion percentage, etc. You can then take these numbers and stack it up to your overall spend and determine whether or not your digital marketing plan is working.

But when it comes to brand awareness, it’s not so simple. When measuring your brand awareness, you’re not going to get a chart full of numbers and percentages. Instead, you’re going to have to dig a little deeper and look at how consumers are engaging with your overall plan.

Here’s 4 strategies to help determine if your brand awareness campaign is working or failing.


The traffic to your website can pretty much tell you anything you need to know. By looking at the amount of traffic and how that traffic is engaging with your content will allow you determine the success of your brand awareness. Obviously if you have little to no traffic coming to your site, your brand awareness campaign is failing.

Another great way to determine if your brand awareness is working is by looking at the habits of your visitors. A successful brand awareness campaign will let consumers know if your product or service is or isn’t what they are looking. If you’ve got a high bounce rate or a short amount of time per visitor, chances are these visitors aren’t finding what they are looking for, which means it’s time to change up your brand identity.

Reviews & Comments

A successful brand awareness campaign should focus on creating a POSITIVE identity. You want people to trust and feel comfortable doing business with you. So a great way to see if people trust your company and your brand is by looking at the reviews people are leaving. Thankfully, consumers aren’t shy about voicing their opinion and will let you know exactly how they feel about your brand. If you start seeing a heavy favor in negative reviews and comments, then perhaps it’s time to change something up. Listen to what these consumers have to say. It could steer your brand awareness campaign in a totally different direction.

Social Will Tell You A Lot

Perhaps one the best ways to measure your brand awareness campaign is by looking at your social media engagement. If you’re trying to spread brand awareness and you’re not active on social media, then you best get on it. People on social media will let you know whether or not they like your brand, and it doesn’t have to come by a comment or review. A simple share, like, retweet or whatever way they choose to share your content will let you know if your brand is catching on. If you’re active on social media and not getting many impressions, then it’s a sign that your brand awareness campaign isn’t getting the job done.

Overall Plan

The final step in measuring your brand awareness is by taking a look at the goals you set for yourself or your company and determining whether you’re hitting your bench mark. You have to set a standard before you get underway with your brand awareness campaign, otherwise, what are you trying to accomplish? Set a standard for each platform, whether it be social media, your website or whatever digital marketing tools you use. Try to hit those numbers and continue to improve. If you do this, you’ll have no problem measuring your brand awareness.