5 Suggestions To Provide A Better Mobile Experiece

When’s the last time you were in public and stopped to take a look around at the other people near you? Perhaps you are at a bus stop, a mall or a grocery store. Next time you do this, just stop and take a look around.

There’s a strong likelihood that you will notice some of these people on their cell phones. And a majority of those cell phones will be smart phones. What’s even scarier is you might even notice people on their cell phones while driving their car down the road. We won’t get into that one.

It’s a mobile world, and that means people are doing just about everything on their mobile devices. Smart phones were created as a means to surf the web, but it’s transpired into so much more, from checking your mail and social media pages to even shopping!

Yes, online shopping is surpassing in-store shopping. And even those who still shop in store are using the internet to do some research.

Maybe you’ve heard of Cyber Monday. It’s the Monday that follows Black Friday, and it’s starting to compete with Black Friday as the biggest shopping day of the year. Last year, Cyber Monday online shopping hit $2.29 billion in sales.

So I think by now you’re getting the point. Mobile devices and online activity is becoming the top dog. So this means your website needs to be mobile friendly.

From automatically adjusting from a desktop to a mobile device to making clickable, noticeable buttons. All of this has to do with making your site mobile friendly.

Let’s face it, if your site isn’t mobile friendly, then you’re turning away all those people that are standing in line at the bus station, in the mall or the grocery store. Even those darn people who look at their phones while driving. These are leads and you need to cater to them with a mobile friendly website.

There’s many tips to convert your website to a mobile friendly site, and we’d like to share a few of our favorites in the short video clip above. Enjoy!