5 Tips To Have Your Emails Standout

As I mentioned in an earlier blog post, email marketing is alive and thriving. Despite it being a digital marketing strategy from the earlier days of the internet, it’s still being used today and is turning great results.

However, email marketing isn’t the same as it used to be, and there’s many new strategies now days to optimize your email marketing efforts. Let’s face it, nothing is the same now days as it was when the world wide web was launched. And just as with everything else, email marketing made changes to keep up with the time. So here’s 5 tips to optimize your email marketing campaign and have your emails stand out. 

GRAB Their Attention

When an email lands so nicely into your inbox, what’s the first thing you, as a consumer, see? That’s right, the subject. Right from the get go, your subject can be the difference between your email leading someone down the marketing funnel, or all your work and effort going to waste. If you don’t have a catchy subject line, you might see a 50% open rate go down to a 10% open rate, or even worse.

The big advantage of email marketing is that you’ve got a direct line to consumers. But that doesn’t mean you’re the only fish swimming in the pond, and chances are , there’s bigger fish. So you’ve got to catch the eye of the consumer, and a good subject line will do the trick.

A subject line should be short and sweet and right to the point. You don’t want your consumer reading through a paragraph. A great way of testing your subject lines is by sending out two versions of the same email to two different groups. Try different subject lines and then compare the open rate and see which subject worked better.

Get Personal

Most consumers are well aware that they are part of a bigger mass collection, but a simple Hello James compared to hello can go a long way. People tend to enjoy seeing their name or other personal information within an email. It gives them the sense that this email is directly for them, which can go a long way in moving them down the funnel.

When creating your subscribe list, be sure to ask for as much information as possible, but keep these fields optional as many consumers won’t feel like taking the time to enter all their info or don’t feel comfortable disclosing it.

Spice It Up

The old-school emails were very simple, basically only text. But that’s changing with the new versions of email campaigns. Consumers are loaded with information now days and they only want to spend so much time reading through individual emails. If you throw out lengthy emails loaded with text, chances are they might not even begin reading at all.

Many businesses and marketers are now adding flashy images and different fonts to draw the consumer’s attention and keep them intrigued. Also try and avoid stock images. Most times, people are going to connect with original photos that are relevant to the information.

Always Leave An Option For Sharing

When it boils down to your email marketing campaign, you’re ultimately trying to get the consumer to take some type of action. And let’s face it, every email isn’t going to lead to a sale, but if you can get a majority of your emails passed on, then your sales will increase.

Chances are if you’re creating personal, engaging content, then your list subscribers will have interest in sharing with others. By leaving social sharing buttons, you’re going to see an increase in your click-through rate and expand your list.

Try Everything

Every business is going to have a different audience, so it’s never going to be one size fits all. But today, consumer’s are jumping at anything that is new and engaging, and that goes for email marketing. You can’t be afraid to step out of the box and try new things. Otherwise, your email marketing campaign will just be another sardine in the can .