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In a recent report by BizReport, customer’s feelings about emails that they are receiving from brands was explored.  According to this article, customers are feeling frustrated by the email messages that they are receiving from brands that they shop with and even have a relationship with, because the feel that the brand doesn’t “understand” them.

The problem isn’t that companies are sending out emails, the problem is that they are sending out irrelevant emails.  First Insight (a brand consultant) surveyed customers about how they felt about the email lists that they have signed up for and found 67% felt that 6 email messages a week are too many.  This indicates that volume isn’t the problem (6 messages a week is actually a lot of touches) but that, again the problem is on the lack of relevancy.

In fact, this report goes on to state that 43% of the people said that they will open emails from brands that have personalized (highly relevant) information as opposed to “sale items?

So, how can you send more relevant messages?  Segment your lists is the best first step.  There are a lot of ways to segment your list and no one way will work for everyone.  How you choose to setup your segmentation will depend on your business, your market, and most importantly your customers.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

These are just a few ideas for increasing the relevancy of your messaging.  In the end it’s important to know that the biggest reason that your email marketing or marketing automation messages may not be generating the business for you that you thought that they would is because the people getting these messages don’t feel that you know them because your not being relevant to what they are interested in.

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