Ad Position Doesn’t Matter If Nobody Clicks It

How To Use Ad Copy To Improve Conversions

Most marketers are so focused on the placement of an ad that they are completely forgetting about the ad copy. It’s the ad copy that will grab the audience’s attention and ultimately drive them to your website.

This quote by the man widely considered the Father of Advertising is no less relevant today than it was over 50 years ago when he spoke copy is more important that ad design

This advice is also nowhere more applicable than with the AdWords ads on Google’s search results pages (SRP). As you know, these ads are just text. No flashy pictures to emit emotions and no logos to catch attentions, just text.

Every marketing person’s focus, when discussing search marketing, is to have their ad or listing on the first page of a customer’s search. However, that’s just part of the success equation. The real trick is to get people to take action on your ad. To get that to happen, you have to take Mr. Ogilvy’s advice and make sure that the content of your ads (the actual words) will cause your prospective customer to take the action of clicking on your ad.

An Ad Dissected

Before we can dive into how to write a great ad, it’s important to understand the different elements of Google’s AdWords ad. There are 3 components to a Google ad: the headline, the display URL, and the AdWords Ad Creation Form
Headline: This is the most important part of your ad. This is what is going to grab the searcher’s attention and get them to take notice of your ad.

Display URL: In a Google ad, this is the green text that is showing the web address of the page, on our site, that you are linking to. There are 2 parts to the display URL in the new expanded Google ad. There is your domain URL, and then there are 2 fields for the “path”.

The path fields are optional, but they are designed to help people better understand where they will be going when they click on your ad.

Description: This is where you get to tell people about your products, services, or your company.

The amount of space that you have to work within each of these elements is limited to a certain number of characters. This makes choosing your word very important.

Make Your Ad Personal

To increase the effectiveness and impact of your ads there are some things that you have to keep in mind as you’re writing the ad.

Think Like Your Audience: There have been a lot of studies that show the importance of thinking like your customer when you create content, online. This is no less important when you’re creating ads.

When you’re creating the headlines and description areas of your ad, think about how your customers would do a search for your product or service.

AdWords ad copy exampleLet’s say that you sell running shoes. Your customers might search for “comfortable running shoes”. To attract this customer, don’t write a headline that says “Need New Running Shoes?”. You know they do and that’s not how they are thinking.

The headline should speak directly to their end goal – what they are trying to achieve. A better headline could be “Running Shoes That Stop Foot Pain.”
Get Personal: We all know how important it is to use people’s names in our daily business transactions. The same is true for our business transactions, online.

The challenge with online ads is that we don’t know the person’s name who is looking at our ads. The next best option for personalizing an ad is to use the word “you” instead of “we,” “us,” “me,” etc. These words have been shown to reduce conversions because they are focusing on you and not your customer.

Use Emotions: Nothing gets people to take action like. A strong emotional plea. You will have to decide if you want to go negative or positive as these will set the tone for that person’s interaction with your company, moving forward

Calls To Action: Don’t assume that the person reading your ad is going to know what to do next. Using call-to-action phrases like “Download Your Free Report” or “Get You Free Credit Report” tell people exactly what will happen when they click on your ad.


Ad position is important, no question. But the copy in your ads is more important. The ultimate objective that every business has for running ads is to drive more people to their website and if you’re not getting the searchers attention or letting them know that you have the solutions to whatever it is that they are looking for, then all of your marketing effort for these ads will be worthless.

Before you log in to your AdWords account, take a few minutes to think about the person that you are trying to attract, how they will be searching, what words will they be using, what questions do they have, and then write out the copy for your ad on paper. Make sure that you’re using strong emotional words and use language that they will understand.

Do this and your next ad campaign will have a much better chance at being successful!

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