Announcements From Facebook’s F8 2016

Facebook’s annual F8 Conference took place mid-April to announce the many new features Facebook will be offering this year to its users. The event took place on April 12-13 in San Francisco in front of many eager reporters and developers.

While the event took an in-depth look into Facebook’s future, much of the conference revolved around changes in Facebook’s developmental department. One of the bigger announcements was Bots on Messenger, which allows users to stay on top of topics and stories they care about. It allows users to subscribe to topics, authors and other educational content. Other new features included a save button, a surround 360 camera and more.

Amongst the new features was improved analytics for Facebook apps. At last year’s conference, Facebook rolled out analytics for apps for people who market their mobile apps on Facebook.

Users who own a mobile app or several mobile apps can create ads that market their mobile app(s) on Facebook’s newsfeed. Analytics for apps allows user’s to see insights on their mobile app ads.

Facebook recently announced at their F8 Conference that they will be expanding on their analytics for apps. User’s will see improved insights on user’s who take an action with their mobile app ads such as liking, sharing or downloading the app. Expanded insights include information on user’s such as page likes, education, devices usage, purchase preferences and more.

User’s will also receive new actions such as push notifications to mobile apps and finding out insights one user’s who share their articles on Facebook.

Facebook is continuously looking to improve its platform for developers and from a marketing standpoint. Improving their analytics package for mobile apps is a major step in the right direction for both advertisers and Facebook.

The major attraction to advertising on Facebook is their ability to target in on the right audience. By improving their analytics package, it will only allow advertisers to get a better understanding of their audience.

If you’d like to learn more, please take a look at the short video clip above on Facebook’s expansion on analytics for mobile apps.