Are Press Releases Still Important?

When people think of digital marketing, they probably think of the new innovative technologies that are accessible to the public. For example, social media is a digital marketing tool that has exploded onto the scene in the last 5 years.

These new marketing tools have left existing techniques on an island by themselves. But that doesn’t mean the old techniques can’t be effective as today’s technology.

One of those older marketing tools are press releases. The first press release used in the U.S. was in 1955. Fast forward 60 years later and the press release is still being used, and it’s still raking in great results. So how is a marketing strategy that is 60 years old still able to be relevant in today’s digital marketing world? Let’s take a look.

Online Channels Expanding

The traditional options for press releases were typically newspapers, radios or television stations. But most everything is making the giant leap to digital, and press releases had no problem clearing that hurdle. More and more online options are becoming available to share your press releases on a wire. This provides great visibility for your press releases and it also gives you the option to include link building, which can help with, yes, you guessed it, SEO. That’s a nice little bonus!

People Trust Them

Think about the typical forms of digital marketing you see throughout the day. There’s ads scattered all over the search engines you use promising the best deals in town or the best product available. Most everyone knows what they read isn’t always true with these types of ads. But for press releases, people trust what they are reading. In a way, a press releases’ popularity stems not from what it is says, but what it isn’t saying.

It’s not cluttered with catchy phrases and slogans trying to steal your attention. Instead, it’s factual information that builds credibility with your audience. This is important to many people, and for some, it’s their preferred source.

More Visibility

This is kind of an obvious one, but by sticking to a long-term press release distribution strategy, you’re putting yourself out there for others to see you. You can also start to gain the attention of other business professionals. Just recently, a partner here at 3Sixty Interactive was invited to speak at a networking event. After talking to the event chairperson, we found out that he had become aware of our company by reading our press releases. It might feel like press releases are useless, but you never know who is picking them up and passing them along.

Compile A List

The strongest argument for having an email marketing campaign is having the ability to place your emails directly into someone’s inbox. Well guess what? You can do the same with your press releases. You can compile emails from previous clients or businesses in the area and drop your press release directly into their inbox. You can also give people visiting your site the option to subscribe to your press release distribution list. This allows you to target who your press releases are going to.

To Conclude

Although a prehistoric strategy, press releases still have their place in today’s digital world. If you think about it, it’s amongst a small group of marketing tools that have maintained their roots in the traditional forms of marketing, but have also made the jump to the digital platform. So what does that mean? It means no matter what your business is or what product or service you offer, a press release is going to help you with your marketing efforts, whether it’s online or offline.