Are You Ready For The “Holiday Creep???”

Well, October is over and we all know what that means — Christmas music on the radio, Santa sightings and Christmas movies make their way back into our lives. Yes, we know it’s early, but there’s no stopping the Christmas train once it gets moving.

While Christmas gets an early start every year, so should your digital marketing plan. Waiting until later in the season is big no-no, and here’s why. While most shoppers will hold off until the big deals hit the market, it doesn’t mean they aren’t sitting at home doing their research.

So if you’re waiting to create your digital marketing scheme and throw it up later in the holiday season, you’re going to miss out on a lot of potential customers who already have their holiday shopping plan mapped out.

And believe it or not, people actually plan on crossing off a good portion of their Christmas list  for their holiday shopping in early November. Retail saw $20 billion in eCommerce sales in the early portion of November in 2014. This doesn’t include Thanksgiving, Black Friday or Cyber Monday! So in actuality, if you haven’t gotten your digital marketing plan up and running already, you could be missing out on some major sales.

It’s difficult to determine why people are trending towards shopping so early in the season, but there could a multitude of reasons. One might be that a lot of people don’t really care for the madness and chaos  that comes with holiday shopping. While some people might enjoy standing in long lines, finding the best deals and fighting off crazed shoppers for a newly released product, others, instead, simply wish to get their shopping done prior to the madness.

Also keep in mind that hot products can go out of stock. Remember when items for the movie “Frozen” came out last year? That was a complete craze fest as parents tried to grab every Frozen item they could. It was reported that an employee at a Disney Store in Times Square had to tell customers over 200 times in a single day that they “We’re all sold out of ‘Frozen,.” Seems crazy, right? So in order to avoid this situation, consumers are going to start shopping earlier in the season. I can guarantee you “Star Wars” toys are going to be flying off the shelves this year with the release of the new blockbuster movie.

Think about layaway. Many major chains have upped the ante on their  layaway programs. For example, Walmart launched its layaway program for this year’s holiday season on Aug. 28. Kmart has joined Walmart in their efforts to prepare for early shoppers with a bigger, better layaway program. These layaway programs are going to get shoppers out and about earlier this season.

So as you can see, the holiday season is already upon us. So much, that we’ve created a new term called, “The Holiday Creep,” which is the early merchandising for the holiday season. So again, if your digital marketing plan isn’t already up and running. It’s time to get it going and join in on the madness.