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computer design

computer design

Over 90% of online ads are animated or change some how when a user takes an action like placing their mouse over the ad.  One of the oldest and unfortunately, still used technologies to create this animation is Flash.  The reasons for not using this technology is well documented and this isn’t a bash-flash post.  Instead, just another example on why marketers and business owners need to make sure that the agency that they are working with is keeping up with technology.

On Sep 1st, Google’s Chrome browser began pausing many Flash ads, by default.  This means that if you’re serving up ads, through your AdWords account, that is using this technology you’ll want to recreate them using the more current (and better) HTML5.

This is all happening to improve the user experience and it’s well known that Flash is a very “heavy” technology that can reduce the speed of website and can clog up a browser as it’s downloading all of the information on a webpage.

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