Benefits Of The Modern Day Press Release

What comes to mind when you think of the term “press release?” Perhaps old, outdated or a thing of the past? If this is what you think in regard to the press release, then you are in the majority.

But the majority is incorrect.

The press is far from a thing of the past. Although it’s been 60 years since the first press release was distributed in the U.S., today’s version of the press release is much evolved. So how and why has the press release evolved over time?

Well if you think the press release is a thing from the days the dinosaurs roamed the earth, then you’re probably picturing a hard copy that sits on the desk of a newspaper reporter. That’s not what press releases are in today’s digital world.

In fact, press releases rarely come in hard copy anymore at all. Instead, they are a digital message that is sent through particular online business wires. They contain images, links and other digital resources. They are information, straight to the point with newsy information with digital strategies peppered within the contents of the press release.

So why has the press release evolved from this old-school hard copy form to this new, tech savvy digital form? First being that everything has just about gone digital. People are no longer getting their daily news through print newspapers. Instead, people are turning to the internet, therefore, the newspaper industry has shifted its focus to the internet. So with everyone turning to the internet, the press release needed to do the same.

Another factor in the evolution of the press release is that press releases are no longer only being consumed by journalists and advertisers. Customers are now showing interest in company’s press releases. They are showing interest in what is happening behind closed doors with certain brands. So in order to appeal to customers, marketers and businesses are now adding graphics and helpful links that can further lead the customer down the marketing funnel.

These changes in digital technology and audience is credited for what a press release is today. If you’d like to learn more about why you need press releases as a part of your digital marketing plan, be sure to take a look at the short video above.