You Better Be Tracking The Right Conversion Analytics

Tracking conversions within your digital marketing plan will tell you many things. You can even break down your conversion tracking to specific campaigns within your overall digital marketing plan, which I would strongly suggest. By tracking conversions based on campaigns rather than focusing on the overall plan, you can pinpoint what exactly is and isn’t working at certain points within your marketing funnel.

Let’s take for example a pay-per-click ad campaign you are running. You take a peak at your analytics and find out that you’re getting a good amount of clicks and traffic has increased. Bingo! You hit a home run on the first pitch! Actually, that home run might be a foul ball.

It all depends on the campaign and what you, or your client, is trying to achieve with this specific campaign. If the cost of running the campaign is outweighing the revenue, then somewhere along the line, something isn’t right. That’s why focusing only on clicks and traffic can paint a false picture of what is really happening.

You would think clicks and added traffic would ultimately result in a successful campaign. However, maybe that campaign has an overall objective of increasing sales on a particular product. And just maybe, your traffic is bad traffic, meaning people are clicking on your ad but are not interested in what you have to offer. Or perhaps people are interested in what you have to offer, click on an ad, and then are turned away by a bad landing page.

This is why you have to track more conversions within each campaign. Thankfully, Adwords offers a free tool called Conversion Tracking, which allows you to see what happens after someone clicks on your ad. Are they heading to your landing page and instantly leaving (bouncing)? Are they navigating somewhere else then leaving?

These are the questions that need to be answered if you’re not hitting your goals. Before you even get a campaign up and running, there has to be conversion points along the way. They can include such things as clicking your ad, navigating through your landing page and finally, purchasing a product. If somewhere along the line one of your conversion points are not hitting, then something needs to be changed.

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