Black Friday Is Changing!!!

It’s that time of the year again when thousands of Americans get up in the wee hours of the night, stand in a long line, then unleash madness once the doors open. That’s right, it’s BLACK FRIDAY!!! If you’re heading out this year to get those doorbuster deals, be sure you’re up for the task, because there are some extreme shoppers that will get what they want at no mercy.

But Black Friday doesn’t have to consist of you fending off 100’s of crazed shoppers. Things have changed, and here’s a list of how.

People Aren’t Shopping In Store

Instead of putting on their war paint, and heading out to the local Best Buy or Walmart, people are instead doing their Black Friday shopping from the convenience of their home by shopping online. Online sales were actually up 23 percent year over year from Thanksgiving Day through Cyber Monday and Amazon was up average of 32 percent, without including Cyber Monday figures. Also, 57% of people said they would rather shop online than battling the armies waiting in line for stores to open. It’s becoming quite apparent that online shopping is becoming to the go-to strategy for Black Friday.

Cyber Monday is a Big Deal

Although Black Friday still holds the upper hand, Cyber Monday is closing the gap. Compared to Black Friday’s $1.198 billions in desktop sales in 2013, Cyber Monday went above and beyond with $1.735 billion in desktop spending, an 18% increase from 2012. That trend continued in 2014 as Cyber Monday has over $2 billion in sales for the first time ever! Also, the amount people were spending increased as well as spending from desktops was up approximately 20% from the year before at an average of $128.24 per order.

Black Friday Deals Begin on Black Friday

Stores and online deals begin opening up earlier and earlier every year, and now we are starting to hear about more stores and malls being open on Thanksgiving. That means these hot deals simply can’t wait until Friday. So don’t expect to head out on the road Thanksgiving and be the only person on the road anymore.

Last-minute Deals

Although most shoppers will lock themselves in a dark room and begin their covert operation of research for Black Friday, not all deals and specials will be known in advance. Stores will go out of stock for certain products and have too much of other products. So rollbacks and on-the-fly deals will be hitting the shelves, so shoppers will need to keep an eye on these specials.

Every year we see new trends and a change in the landscape for holiday shopping. This year won’t be any different as retails stores and businesses are eager to get a leg up on the competition. Some of you might prefer the old-school technique of standing in lines and battling other Black Friday warriors. But for those that don’t prefer that method, there’s plenty of alternative ways to get the hot deals once Black Friday, or should I say Thanksgiving, rolls around.