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I just received an email that was promoting a blog post that was proclaiming that email marketing is dead! Are you kidding me? Well, as you can imagine, this got me thinking about the whole email marketing is dead debate that has been going on for at least 10 years that I can think of. So I’ve decided to take you on this little journey of email marketing tips.

I did a quick search on Google for the phrase email marketing dead and received over 205,000 results


I can’t believe after all of the years, articles, and surveys that there are still people that are claiming that it’s just a matter of time before email will no longer be used for marketing!

It’s hard to believe that so many people can be so wrong for so long.

Some Facts

email marketing tipsWell, after all, I couldn’t just go back to what I was doing, I had to get the facts! eMarketer recently published results from a couple of surveys on the value and the ROI of email marketing. The results are really pretty impressive.

Another fact that was published by eMarketer was that in a survey done by Epsilon (an email provider) open rates on their platform in North America are around 33.3% and deliverable rates at 95.6%. These numbers are huge! When was the last time you saw a campaign that had 33% of the people exposed to the campaign actually look at it?

Email Marketing Tips

Now, I’ll be the first to say that if an email campaign is going to see these kinds of numbers then it has to be done correctly! The days of batch-and-blast are long gone. If you’re not performing regular maintenance on your list, segmenting the messages that you are sending based on your list, and providing information that your audiences want to hear, you will never even approach these numbers.

But, do it right and the email channel will provide your company or organization with a lot of great success. Here are some email marketing tips for doing it right.

But what does “doing it right” mean?

The answer to that is complicated. Every business and every audience are going to be very unique. But, there are some basics that everyone should be doing to make sure that your email efforts are going to maximize results.

This Is Tough! Marketing Automation Helps!

Yes it is. But there are no shortcuts, especially when it comes to digital marketing and especially email marketing. But, there are tools and systems that will make this a lot easier. marketing automation is one of the greatest time savers and highest performing marketing channels that we’ve seen in a very long long time and will really lighten up the work involved with a solid email marketing process.

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