Growth Driven Design

How Many Times Are You Going To Rebuild Your Website?

A new methodology for website development!

The typical website development project is pretty straight forward. You develop a list of features for your new site that you think your customers will like and use. You hire an agency to build that site.

They take about 3-4 months to complete the site and then launch it. After it’s launched you pay really close attention to the new site…for about a month. Then, it’s back to business as usual for about 2 years. You get frustrated wtih your site and repeat the process all over again.

GDD is a smarter approach to web development that increases your ROI, gets rapids results, and keeps your site updated.

What Is Growth Driven Design?

Growth Driven Design Process

Unlike traditional website development projects, Growth Driven Design (GDD) projects use a more agile, or iterative, methodoloty for website development.

The agile process that GDD uses has basically 2 steps. First, develop a “quick launch” website that has all of the core features that your website needs.

Next, make iterative additions and adjustments to that site, based on user data. This agile process makes sure that your development dollars are being spent on the areas of your site that are impacting your users in the best way, getting them to do business with you.

Benefits of Growth Driven Design

Some of the benefits that you’ll see with a GDD website project are:

  • Faster project completion. A GDD site can be live in as little as 6 weeks as opposed to the 3-4 months for a conventional website project.
  • Your site will never be out-of-date. GDD is a continual growth process that keeps your site evolving, based on your business needs.
  • Better user experience (UX) for your site’s visitors. Because GDD is centered around the user, the experience will be better which will increase the engagement on your site.
  • Increased conversion rates. Because of the user focus and the improved UX of a GDD site, users are more inclined to convert at the various stages of their buying cycle.
  • Much much more
  • What To Expect

    Growth Driven Design Strategy


    Just like our traditional web development projects, we start wtih getting the strategy for your new website, right. We work with you to identify who your user segments are going to be. What your brand message is. And, making sure that we identify the business goal that you have for your new website.

    The next step in the planning process is to conduct a website audit on your current website. We look at how many people are coming to your site, how they got there, and what they are doing on your site.

    We’ll also take a complete inventory of all of the content that you have on your site. Once collected, we’ll review that content with you to determine what is still good, what is old, and what new content will need to be created.

    Website Development

    Launch Pad Site

    The launch pad website is a site that we can get up, quickly, that looks and performs better than your current website. This is the foundation of what will become the best website investment that you have ever made.

    The real value of the launch pad website is to have this solid foundation and then to begin collecting the data, from your users, on what they are doing (or not doing) on the site and grow iterative updates from this data.

    With traditional website projects there are a lot of assumptions made about what will or won’t work for users. And, what users want and don’t want. With the launch pad website, we’ll know what will work and what they do want because they’re going to be telling us.

    website development continual improvement

    On-going Improvement

    Now that your new website is live, the work really begins. The goal during this stage of the GDD process is to collect the necessary data to find the most impactful (to your business and your users) ways to improve the website and drive higher results.

    With literally thousands of different ways to change a website it’s critical that we have a process for evaluating what to update, how to make those updates, and to include you and your team in this conversation to make sure the impact is a positive one for your business.

    The Website Hierarchy is a model that we follow to determine what to update, how to update it, and then measure the results of that update. This is a repeatable model that takes one high impact acition after another bringing huge impacts to your business through this new website on a continual basis.

    No more outdated website!

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