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It’s nearly impossible to keep up. Search, Content, Social, Email, Display, Mobile, the list goes on and on. The challenge with digital marketing is that there are more ways to try to connect with your customers than you have time, people, or money for. So, what happens most of the time is that you focus in on certain things within all of these marketing channels that you’re either comfortable with, or that you have some resources for and pretty much ignore all the rest.

The problem with focusing on just one or two digital marketing components is that you’re probably not getting your marketing message in front of your customer with enough, or possibly any, frequency.

Here’s the real world example

Let’s say that your sweet-spot customer is female, mid-’40s, lives within a 30-mile radius of your store, had is middle-income. You know that the benefit of digital marketing is the ability to target your campaigns specifically for this sweet-spot customer. What marketing channel will you use? SEO? Social? Display?

Exactly! You’ll use the channels that will deliver your marketing message to this customer at the right time, with the right consistency, in the right place, so that you get the results that you want.

Holistic digital marketing is looking at every tool at your disposal and using the right tools to accomplish the goal of growing your business. In this example, you will uses tools to:


As you can see, it takes more than SEO or tactics to put together a winning strategy for growing your business with digital marketing. All of the components must move in unison and support each other.

If you’d like more information on how you can use Holistic Digital Marketing for your business just contact us and we’ll be happy to chat about the possibilities with you.

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