How To Effectively Use Auto-Responders

When you’re creating your website, you’re probably going to create all different types of landing pages. Of course, this depends on how many products, services, etc. that you have to offer.

There’s also going to be educational material like a blog, whitepapers, newsletters and more. All of these landing pages and resources should be connected to auto respond emails. So for example, if someone signs up to receive your newsletter, than that person should automatically receive an email thanking them for signing up with some additional information.

Auto response emails have a tremendous success rate, with open rates as high as 70%. This stat alone should be enough to convince you to use auto response emails.

But setting up an auto-response email isn’t a simple process that takes a few minutes. There’s a lot that goes into it, from selecting the right subject to how many times you want to send someone an email.

You have to get it right, because chances are, if someone doesn’t open up an initial auto response email, they are not going to bother with the next. So take the time to address all the little aspects of your auto response emails.

You also want to pay attention to your call to actions. These little guys are going to be the make or break on whether or not someone comes back to your site.

Let’s put it this way; you’re not going to get it all right when you first set up your auto response emails. There’s going to be necessary changes and adjustments along the way, so it’s vital that you are constantly checking your analytics to figure out what is and isn’t working.

Not to scare you away from using auto response emails — remember the stat from before of how it improves open rates — but depending on how you create your auto response emails, your visitors could view them as spam.

So we’ve created a short video clip to help you avoid that situation. Take a look at the short video clip above on some tips on how to create successful auto response emails.