How To Spot Bad SEO Services – Rewrite as article spinning


Holy Cow! We just got a box full of promo goodies, in the mail. We never get goodies! We’re an agency, we’re the ones that are always giving this stuff away. Imagine our surprise and delight when this little box of fun showed up on our door.

This was sent to us by a company that claims to proved SEO services to SEO agencies through a white-label program. In their brochure, they said that they will do the work and all we have to do is sit back, have a margarita on a beach somewhere, and count our money. Sounds pretty good to me!

But…the skeptic in me came to life and I decided to do some investigation into who this company is, what they do, and why they are sooo inexpensive (I’m resisting the urge to say “cheap”). Could this just be bad SEO?

I went to their website to do a little bit of investigation and to get some answers to my questions and here’s what I found.

Basically, they are creating Spun Articles and then building backlinks to those articles. In fact, on their site, they state that they are building links that, to Google, would look like authentic viral content.

Let’s look a little bit deeper at this. Just do a quick search on Google for Article Spinning and you’ll start to understand why this is not a good idea for a reputable marketing strategy. Basically, article spinning is taking a previously written article and running that article through a piece of software and out comes an article that has had some of the words and/or phrases from the original article replaced with synonyms.

Here’s An Example

A couple weeks ago I wrote a blog post that was titled Why You Need To Change Your Marketing Strategy. For this example, I’m going to run the first 4 paragraphs of this blog post through an article spinning engine. The first 4 paragraphs of that blog post read:

The world of search marketing sure is changing which means your search marketing strategy has to change. There are always a bunch of algorithm changes that happen every year and last year we saw an unprecedented number of changes to the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). Now we’re seeing impacts from just raw competition along with a dramatic shift in how people are using search engines.

When you put all of this together, you have a marketing environment that requires you to rethink your search marketing strategy on a year-to-year basis, if not more frequently.

the rise of mobileWe are all aware of the quick rise of mobile usage for online engagement. In fact, Google told us in May of 2015 that search queries on mobile devices had surpassed search queries on desktop computers. And, according to Statista, there has been a 55.88% lift in mobile’s share of organic search engine visits in the US.

Then late last year, Google announced the release of their mobile-first index, which looks at your website to determine if it’s mobile-friendly or not and whether or not it is mobile-friendly impacts your ranking.

The Article After It’s Spun

Now, this is what those 4 paragraphs look like after running them through an article spinning engine:

The universe of pursuit promoting beyond any doubt is changing which implies your inquiry advertising methodology needs to change. There are dependably a pack of calculation changes that happen each year and a year ago we saw a remarkable number of changes to the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). Presently we’re seeing effects from recently crude rivalry alongside a sensational move in how individuals are utilizing web crawlers.

When you set up the greater part of this together, you have an advertising situation that obliges you to reevaluate your pursuit showcasing procedure on a year-to-year premise, if not more much of the time.

the ascent of mobileWe are all mindful of the brisk ascent of versatile utilization for online engagement. Truth be told, Google let us know in May of 2015 that pursuit inquiries on cell phones had outperformed seek questions on desktop PCs. Furthermore, as indicated by Statista, there has been a 55.88% lift in portable’s offer of natural web index visits in the US.

At that point toward the end of last year, Google reported the arrival of their portable initially list, which takes a gander at your site to decide whether it’s versatile benevolent or not and regardless of whether it is portable well disposed effects your positioning.

WHAT!!!!!! That doesn’t even make any sense! Clearly, they are just dropping in words and/or phrases that an algorithm has been filled with.

This Is Black Hat SEO, Pure And Simple

Many people at this point are thinking, “but, it’s cheap and there’s no writing involved. Seems like an easy way to do SEO”. Yup, and that’s why companies like this are still around. It seems like a simple way to get the job done, and we all have a lot on our plates. Besides, what would the harm be? Especially, if they get some results!

Here’s what the harm will be:

  • It Doesn’t Work:The Penguin algorithm update was created to stop this exact type of thing. This type of low-quality content will receive Google penalties. It may take a little time for it to happen, but it will happen!
  • It Makes No Sense: The ultimate reason that any business has a website it to grow their business. Either through lead generation or increased online sales. To do that you have to have clear, quality content on your site that is relevant to the people that are visiting your site. Spun content will not attract your customers
  • Your Brand’s Value: Is this really the type of garbage that you want associated with your company’s brand? Every time someone trips over one of these spun articles, your brand will be diminished further and further.

It’s Tough, Accept It

Remember what Mom told you years ago? “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.” SEO is tough work, but if you do it the right way it will pay off. If you try to take short-cuts, you will pay the price that the consequences will bring, both tangible (Google penalties) and intangible (your brand reputation).

Google’s Position On This

In the end, if you see one of these goody boxes show up on your door stop, take the tee shirt and play with the stress ball, but DON’T use their services.