How To Use Facebook Mobile Ads To Drive Traffic

Have you ever considered the amount of people who access Facebook from their mobile devices? Out of the 1.32 billion people that use Facebook each month, 399 million of them only use Facebook through their mobile phone. So essentially, Facebook is becoming more of a mobile app than a desktop app.

So ask yourself, “Should I be marketing through Facebook’s mobile app?” We’re hoping your answer is yes.

And the way to do this is Facebook mobile ads, so let’s take a look.

Where do they go?

Facebook mobile ads will show up on user’s news feeds as they scroll through various posts. Maybe you’ve got new products or a big sale, and want to promote it.  Mobile ads is a great way of doing this.

There’s 5 locations total, but since we are talking about mobile ads, we will point out the two locations for mobile users — mobile newsfeed and mobile apps. The best way to figure out which is best for your marketing plan is by testing which one brings in the most clicks with the lowest cost.

Device a Plan

You can’t just step into Facebook mobile ads and just start throwing things out there. You’ve got to have a plan. So here’s some steps to take upon creating a successful mobile app campaign.

  • Provide an incentive: Social media is all about getting others to market for you. The best way to get your ads out there is by word of mouth, or by getting users to engage with your ads by liking and sharing. Provide people with incentives to share and like your ads and your campaign will most likely get you off and running.
  • Direct the crowd: Your goal is to get users to follow a path that you’ve created, which means you will want a landing page. You obviously want to direct them to your site, but you want to make sure that your landing page is mobile optimized. Always think mobile when creating these mobile ads.
  • Get their attention: There’s a lot of clutter and noise on Facebook, so how do you get your mobile ads noticed? A great to do this is by paying for a promoted post. Sometimes the most difficult part is getting your feet off the ground, and a promoted post is a great of doing that.
  • Continue to improve: Once you’ve got your campaign up and running, be sure to take a look at the analytics. There’s never a ‘perfect campaign’ so be sure to continue to make the necessary tweaks and adjustments to keep your campaign fresh and moving forward.

Make Mobile Ads Your Assist Leader

Although there is a large amount of mobile users who have made the jump to making purchases on their mobile phones, there’s a still a large group of users who prefer the old school style of making purchases from their desktops.

So you need to view your Facebook mobile ads as an assist to your website, not as a direct source of conversion to sales. So your mobile ads are your starting point, your website or checkout page is the final conversion and your mobile ad campaign is the bridge that connects to the two.

As you are creating your Facebook mobile ads campaign, be sure to think about the overall picture and how your plan can drive users into your other marketing channels that will ultimately lead to a sale.