Keyphrase Research

Keyphrase Research is critical because it all starts when someone types in a word or group of words into a search engine.

Ranking for the right keyphrases is the foundation to a solid SEO Strategy. By doing keyphrase research we’re identifying the keyphrases that your customers are most likely to use to find what you do.

Holistic Keywords

Your keywords should reflect all of the different keyphrases, someone would type into a search engine, that could help them find you when they’re searching to solive a problem that your product or service fixes.

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Keyphrase Relevancy

Search is all about intent. What is the intent behind the phrase that someone types into Google’s query box.

There is a big difference in intent between a person that types in “running shoes” into a search engine and someone that types in “inexpensive light durable running shoes”.

If both of these people are your potential customer, then you have to optimize web pages for each of them.

During our keyphrase research we’ll develop a strategy that supports all of the different segments of your customers and optimize pages to speak to all of them.

Competitive Keyword Research

Wouldn’t you just love to know what keyphrases your competition is using to get customers?

You tell us who some of your biggest competitors are and we’ll tell you what keyphrases they are ranking for.

Then, we’ll help to develop a strategy that will have you competing with them in no time.

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Better Keyphrases = Better Visitors

And, better visitors means more leads and more sales with less effort.

Great keyphrase research identifies the “language” that your customers are using to find your products and services.

By using their “language” to optimize your website, you’re going to get better visitors, and that means you’re going to get more conversions.

And, more conversions means more sales!

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3Sixty Interactive has been amazing to work with and we’ve seen measurable improvement with our online marketing results from the beginning

Sarah, Director of Marketing, Jabro Carpet One
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