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You’ve heard it over and over, email is the one marketing tool that continues to produce consistent results. But you’re not seeing it with your email marketing efforts! In fact, there are a number of your peers in the industry that are either going to quit using email or they already have. And, maybe you’re at that point, too.

Don’t Quit!

Would you like to see an increase of over 100% in the click rate for your email campaigns? MailChimp research shows that users that segmented their lists saw an increase in clicks from their emails of 100.95%!

It’s important to know that by structuring your email marketing communications the way that I’m about to describe, it can really happen.

Segmentation works because of relevance. Today’s consumer, your customer, will not engage with your marketing if it’s not relevant to their interests at the exact moment that they’re exposed to it.

By segmenting, you’re delivering unique messages to each segment and each unique message is then highly relevant to each segment.

What Segments Should I Use?

You can divide up an email list a lot of different ways, all of which should be based on your business’ customer profiles or personas. What follows are some of the more common segments that are used in B2C marketing.


Email marketing is one of, if not the most powerful tool that you have in your marketing toolbox if it’s used properly. Then, when it’s combined with a robust marketing automation platform that includes a CRM feature you’ll see amazing results to your marketing efforts.

For more information on how to segment your list for increased sales and to hear about how marketing automation will change your marketing efforts, give us a call to schedule a time to talk.

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