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What Is LocalSEO?


LocalSEO is local search engine optimization for your website that will increase your visibility in the local 3-pak section on Google’s search engine results page. This optimization is completely focused on getting your customers to come to your location at the time they’re looking for your type of business.

This is completely different from the SEO that you’re used to hearing about. For one thing, the signals that the search engines use for LocalSEO are different and consequently, LocalSEO requires a different strategy.

Another way that LocalSEO is different is in the signals that it looks for about your business location. Google wants to be able to get an exact triangulation on your physical location. This way they can feel confident that they information in the result page is accurate.

Why LocalSEO Is Important

LocalSEO has had an increased focus, by Google, ever since the 2014 Pengeon update. LocalSEO is critically important to local businesses because, as businesses move further from a metropolitan center, sharp drops in rankings for searches for that metro area (Adam Dorfman).

Here’s some stats:

  • 82% of local searchers follow up offline via an in-store visit, phone call or purchase TMP/comScore
  • 74% of internet users search “locally” Kelsey Group
  • 61% of local searches end with the searcher purchasing Search Engine Watch
  • 59%of consumers use Google every month to find a reputable, local business Search Engine Watch
  • Local Optimization

    We’ll optimize your listings around the key-phrases that are the most important for your business.

  • Citation Building

    We will hand-submit your business information to hundreds of high-quality sites, making sure that all of the citations for your business are done with LocalSEO best practices.

  • Citation Audit and Cleanup

    If you currently have some citations, out there, we’ll find them and then make any edits necessary to get all of your citations optimized.

Benefits To You

  • Enhanced Google profile
  • More citations than you competitors
  • Consistently outranking your competitors
  • Listings on many other directories
  • Easy ot find via mobile search
  • Consistent and accurate business data across all sites
  • Rank higher and get more calls

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