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Buyers are changing the way that they get information. Marketers have to change the way they provide it. Marketing Automation is the answer.

Here’s a couple of statistics that will surprise you.

  • 44% of salespeople give up after one follow-up.
  • 80% of sales require five follow-ups.
  • 63% of people requesting information on your company today will not purchase for at least three months – and 20% will take more than 12 months to buy. Source: Digital Donut

And, we could go on and on with more statistics about how buyers are changing. The point is that, to be successful in today’s market, buyers are self-serving and they want the information that you provide them with to be more personalized just for them.

Without marketing automation you’re wasting time, wasting money and you’re not converting as many visitors into leads as you can.

Of the purchase decision is complete before a customer even calls a supplier.

personalized marketing with marketing automation

Behavior Marketing

Deliver marketing messages based on the behavior of your prospects.

Email still dominates online marketing performance and highly relevant and personalized messages are the best of all.
By sending messages that are based on the behaviors that your prospects have taken, you can improve that relevancy and personalization.

Consider what could happen if you send a prospect a discount offer for a product or service that they had just viewed on your site a couple of days ago!


Customers expect it, but it’s difficult to deliver personal experiences. Or is it!

By delivering marketing messages that are based on the customer’s behavior, personalization is much easier and it’s much more effective

Marketing Sherpa found that marketers find these tactics effecitve:

  • 39%: Automatically sending emails based on behavior triggers
  • 37%: Segment email campaigns based on behavior
  • 36%: Dynamically personalize email content
personalized marketing with marketing automation
marketing automation is not email marketing

sales ready leads with marketing automation

Sales Ready Leads

50% of qualified leads aren’t ready to buy! Source: Gleanster Research

They may be ready to learn about your solution, your products, or your service but, they are not ready to talk to a sales person.

They have to be nurtured. You have to develop a relationship with them before you just turn them over to your sales team.

Having your sales people chasing leads that aren’t ready is a waste of time, a huge waste of money and will drive your sales force crazy.

Lead Scoring

What if you had a way to measure when a lead is ready? Now you do!

Assigning a score to a lead based on their online behavior or engagement with your company is a great way to tell when they are ready to talk to a sales person.

This keeps your sales people focused on leads that are ready to make a purchase decision and it improves the ROI for your marketing efforts.

marketing automation lead scoring

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