• Image Of The Catholic Charities Digital Marketing Project
  • Image Of The Catholic Charities Digital Marketing Project


Project Description

Catholic Charities of Shiawassee and Genesee Counties had a website that was pretty old and when they needed to update any information on the site they had to hire a programmer to go into the site and update it. As you can imagine, not only was this expensive, especially for a non-profit organization, but the updates weren’t getting done on a timely basis. This is a real issue when you’re trying to supporters and volunteers up-to-date on what is happening!

Because of the workload that all of the volunteers for this organization deal with on a daily basis the ability to maintain this site had to be developed on a platform that is super easy and so that literally, anyone within the organization can take care of the new website. Additionally, the site had to be built in a way that would give Catholic Charities the ability to get breaking information out to their community immediately.

WordPress was the platform that we chose for this project because of its outstanding content management system. Because it’s super easy to use, we were able to provide training on the system to the entire team so that everyone knows how to get the latest information on the site, immediately.