• Image Of The Dort Federal Credit Union Digital Marketing Project
  • Image Of The Dort Federal Credit Union Digital Marketing Project


Project Description

We’ve been working with Dort Federal Credit Union for over 7 years. We began working with Dort Federal Credit Union on a new website project. As with a lot of businesses, the site that they had was getting very dated and it was really difficult to maintain. As their business grew and used their website for more customer interactions the site became really wide and the architecture was so ad-hoc that their customers were starting to get frustrated because they couldn’t find the information that they were looking for.

The design for this project was done by one of our great Agency Partners Olmsted & Associates located in Flint. The design really polished the Dort FCU brand and it made the development process so very easy because of their design process.

Oh, and I don’t want to forget to tell you that this design is award-winning! Yup, those folks over at Olmsted are really talented.

Once the new website project was completed we went to work on a digital marketing package that was and is bringing a highly targeted and focused visitor to their new website.

To maximize their marketing budget dollars we created a plan that would:

  1. Attract prospective clients to Dort’s website
  2. Build Dort’s brand within the community
  3. Assist in improving Dort’s client retention

Each goal uses a distinct digital marketing channel to accomplish the goals that Dort has for their online marketing. As an example, we are using the email marketing channel to maximize client retentions through consistent, segmented, and focused communications with this audience. We use online display channels to increase the Dort Federal Credit Union brand reach and visibility, among other objectives, and we use the pay-per-click channel to capture the attention of prospective Dort clients that are at the end of a decision funnel.

By taking a multi-channel approach to the online marketing needs of Dort FCU, we maximize the marketing ROI for this client and increase the relevancy of the marketing message with the audience segments desire for information.

It has been and still is a great business relationship!