• Image Of The Flexible Automation Digital Marketing Project

digital marketing case study

Project Description

When we first started talking with Andy, at Flexible Automation, it was really clear that he “gets” marketing. Andy is the CEO of the company and is successfully growing his company in a very competitive environment. Andy has clearly identified what the company’s brand is, what their value proposition is, and he has clearly defined exactly who their customers are.

No Time!

With all of this going for him, most people would think that Andy would have no need for an agency. But, because of Andy’s solid marketing structure, he completely understands why he does need an agency. You see, Andy is the CEO. He has a business to run. He doesn’t have time to try and to take care of all of their marketing tasks. He needs an agency that will have his back and execute his goals and vision, then provides Andy with all of the reporting and insights that will help him to make great marketing decisions.

Complete Plan

Our work with Flexible Automation begins with driving high quality (people that are very likely to become customers) traffic to their website, providing content and web services that will give these people the information that they came to find, increasing the conversion of these people from prospect to customer, and using our marketing automation system to nurture the prospects that aren’t quite ready to make a decision.