• Image Of The General Inspection Digital Marketing Project
  • Image Of The General Inspection Digital Marketing Project


Engagement Description

When we began working with General Inspection they were getting real good traffic to their website but they weren’t getting any recognizable business from their site. They seemed to have an appropriate marketing budget for the goals that they had, but because they couldn’t identify any additional sales coming from the marketing effort, the ROI was worse than bad. Then, to compound the problem, we also discovered that there was no analytics application attached to their website. They were effectively working in the dark.

Our first step was to take a deep dive and try to figure out exactly what was happening. Step 1 was to install Google Analytics so that we could start collecting data. Unfortunatly, there wasn’t anything that we could do to capture past data, but, at least we were able to start capturing it moving forward.

We let everything run for 30 days and then took that data to start our analysis of why this company wasn’t getting what they wanted from their website.

As we started to dive into the situation, we started to see that one of the issues that they were having was poor quality traffic. A very large portion of the traffic that was coming to the website was coming from China. Now, this all by itself wouln’t seem to be a huge issue, however, General Inspection doesn’t do business in China and they have no desire to do business in China.

Essentially, they were paying for PPC ads in a geographical area that they don’t do business in. Driving people that will never become their customers, to their site. This wasn’t the only issue that they were having, but this issue, alone, really demonstrates how easy it is to think that you’re doing a really good job, but you have to be evaluating what you’re doing to know if what you’re doing is right.

Once we were able to determine where the problems were, the next step was to create the strategic marketing plan that would take the budget that General Inspection had allocated for their online marketing and increase the visibility of this company, their products, and services in front of the people that they typically sell to.

Today, we’re still working with General Inspection to make sure that they are getting all that they can from their online marketing efforts.