Search engine optimization is a continually changing tactic with a lot of moving parts when it comes to better performing organic optimization. We’ve been providing SEO services for over 13 years and have a great optimization process. Here are the things that we do to get you better search rankings.


Every good search engine optimization agency will begin an engagement with an audit. Before you can improve, we have to have a clear understanding of where you are.

Our audit will review your site for good code structure, the information architecture, content on your site, and backlink profile. From here we will be able to create a strategy for improvement.

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On-page & Off-page

There are two parts to a complete SEO strategy; on-page and off-page optimization. As the name implies, on-page optimization is making sure that everything “on the page” is optimized, following SEO best practices. This includes:

  • Key-phrase research
  • Content optimization
  • Code optimization
  • Image optimization
  • Mobile optimization
  • Sitemap creation

The second part of SEO is off-page optimization. This refers to work performed that is not directly on your website. This area of focus will be on things that will have a positive effect on your site due to the search engine’s algorithm. Included within the off-page optimization are:

  • Quality link-building
  • Directory submissions
  • Cross-linking

Key-Phrase Research

What are the phrases that your customers are using?  To be able to answer that, we have to have a really good understanding of your customer segments and the process that they go through when they are making a buying decision.

The phrases that they use in the early stages of their buying decision are different from the phrases that they use in the final stage of their buying decision.  You have to be optimized for all of these phrases.

Back Links

Back links are still a very important ranking signal in the search engine algorithm. But not any back link.

Back links have to come from a highly relevant and quality source. By blending content with targeted distribution, we will be able to bring these high