Search Engine Optimization

It doesn’t matter how good your website is. If nobody can find it, it will be of no value to you. Search Engine Optimization, helps people find it.

It’s not uncommon for Google to make in excess of 600 changes to its algorithm in any given year. Some of these are major changes and some are minor. All of them have the potential to change your SEO ranking position for a key-phrase.

Having a solid SEO strategy to achieve and maintain your website’s rankings for the key-phrases that are important to you is critical. Here’s how we help our clients get top rankings on the search engine results pages.

This is the difference in the number of clicks a first place listing in Google gets compared to a second place listing.



Key-Phrase Research

When people use a search engine they are looking for answers to their problems. You have to show up with the answers to those problems.

You want to show up #1 on Google. But, for what? Showing up in the #1 position for a key-phrase that nobody uses isn’t going to get you more business.

Or, if the key-phrase that you want to show up for is crazy competitive, it could take years to get to the #1 position.

Key-phrase research is the first step that we take with every SEO project that we take. We do a thorough analysis of what your goals are and who you’re trying to drive to your site.

Then we’ll make recommendations on a list of key-phrases that will produce the results that you are looking for.


3 Components of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The only way that you can win the SEO battle is to focus on off-page SEO, on-page SEO, and Technical SEO

On-page SEO as the name implies deals with optimizing elements on the pages of your website. We’ll identify the best key-phrase for each page and then optimize the content on the pages to rank highly for those key-phrases.

Off-Page SEO is optimizing the pages of your website by developing ranking signals that are not directly on the page. These are things like developing high-quality backlinks, getting great ranking signals from your social profiles, or even video marketing

Technical SEO is optimizing the “foundation” of your website. By working with the underlying code of your site we can make sure that the search engines can better crawl your site (crawl-ability), we’ll make sure that they have an easier time indexing your site, and we can optimize your pages to use Google’s rich snippets to get more people to click on your listing.

SEO Optimized Content

The vast majority of your site is content. That content is what you’re trying to get ranked.

From day 1 Google has told us that the most important ranking signal is content. High-quality, authoritative, original content.

But, trying to get this content written and optimized is one of the hardest things to do, when it comes to your website.

We’ll write or rewrite the content for your website so that it ranks your page for the right key-phrase and we’ll make sure that it’s written in a way that your website visitors can understand it.