The Rights And Wrongs Of Branding (Infographic)

So you’ve started a company and it’s time to get your name out for everyone to see. This is what we call “branding” or creating a brand awareness campaign. It’s all about putting your brand in front of the eyes of others and spreading the word.

Branding goes well beyond that of your logo and a few images of your building, staff or office. It’s your message and your identity. It’s how you want consumers to view your company and to engage with you. Here’s a quick list of why your brand awareness is important for getting your company out of the starting blocks.


People need to be able to become familiar with your company. When they see your logo, they need to be able recognize it right away. Your logo is essential to your brand campaign simply because it will go on just about everything you create, whether it’s ads, social media pages, etc. Make sure your logo represents who you are and what you stand for.

Stand For Something

As I mentioned earlier, your brand goes well beyond that of a logo, and that’s your values. Your company is going to need to stand for something, so create a set of values that you can rely on when creating branding strategies. This also allows you to create a level of consistency. Consistency is very important because it allows consumers to quickly recognize and connect with your brand.

Spreading The Word For You

Once your branding campaign is up and running, you should begin collecting followers. These followers become your little minions, spreading the word for you as you continue to create new content. Word of mouth marketing is a strong asset, and if you can create a strong branding campaign, your followers will tell others. This is a great strategy to get your brand in front of other people.

So as you can see, branding is typically the starting point, or found at the top of the marketing funnel. It’s going to let people know whether or not they like who you are and what you have to offer.

If you’d like to learn more about what is and isn’t working with brand awareness campaigns, take a quick look at the infographic below.

 Untitled Infographic (11)