Tips For Creating Landing Pages That Convert

Landing pages: one of the simplest pages you will probably create on your website. It’s quick, concise and to the point. But for some reason, the littlest detail out of place and your landing page can quickly become a major failure. Here’s some common mistakes we often see with landing pages.

Bad Headline

You could be utterly doomed and fall into a black abyss right from the start. Ok, it’s not that abysmal, but a bad or misleading headline can lead a person off your site as quick as they came in. The bottom line with your headline? It needs to offer something, a solution, a proposition or something that is about the ad that brought them to your page. If your headline is misleading or doesn’t get to the point right away, chances are the person is going to hit the breaks right there and shift into reverse.

Content Is Everything

You thought I was going to say “Content Is King,” didn’t you? I figured I’d veer from that cliche, overused quote. But content is very important with everything, and it’s especially important with your landing pages. First off, your content needs to remain consistent with your ads. Otherwise, people might think they’ve landed on the wrong page. Finally, your content needs to be quick and to the point. People aren’t coming to your landing pages looking for sales pitches and fluff. They want to find what they are looking for and move on. Like I said, quick and to the point.

Don’t Forget To Break Out The Measuring Stick

If you’re not measuring, you’re not learning. Your landing page is never going to be a perfect, finished product. There’s always going to be room for improvement, whether it be your content, your headline or even the ads that are bringing people to your landing pages. Whatever it may be, you want to be looking at the analytics and mapping out what is and isn’t working. From there, you make your improvements.

If you’d like to learn some new trends that we are seeing on today’s landing pages, take a look at the short video clip above.