Tips On Increasing Engagement With Email

Think about your daily routine. Or even your morning routine. Chances are once you get yourself prepped for the day (shower, coffee, etc.) you check your phone. And chances are one of the first things you check is email.

Email, although an old form of communication, is still widely used for communication, which makes it a strong digital marketing tool. What makes email marketing even more important is the simple fact that you can market to people’s smartphones.

People have their phones on them almost every hour of the day and check their phones over 100 times daily, while 67% of those people use their smartphones to check their emails. So why would you not want to be sending email campaigns to people’s phones?

Email is also a low cost investment with a high conversion rate. You can use emails to send coupons, which drive online and in-store sales. Nearly 30% of US online shoppers subscribe to store or product emails in an attempt to save money, which means email marketing works! Imagine that.

With the vast amount of email programs available, email marketing has become a simple process that just about anyone with some computer background can pick up quickly. The tools that come with email campaigns are also easily integrated with your digital marketing tools, such as your website and social media pages.

And let’s not forget about one of the most important features with email marketing: measurability. Whatever email service you select, it will most definitely come with the ability to track all your emails to see what is and isn’t working. You can check on things like bounce rates, open rates, click through rates and more! By knowing the habits of your subscribers, you can then better cater to their preferences.

As you can see, email marketing has come a long way since its inception way back in the day. There’s not many boundaries with email marketing, so be sure you’re making it a part of your marketing funnel.

If you’d like to learn some tricks on how to keep your subscribers engaged with your email campaigns, take a look at the short video clip above.