Web Design For UX

Website design and user experience / usability are integrated more than ever.
Bad UX creates negative bias towards your brand.

User Experience (UX) is how a visitor to your website “feels” about the experience they have with your site. The design of every page on your site will, as you can imagine, have a major impact on that feeling.

There’s more. In today’s online environment, a poor UX will negatively impact your SEO rankings, the conversions that happen on your site, and will leave your visitors with a negative bias towards your brand.

Web design is so much more than just a nice looking web page. The design is also a primary part of helping your website users accomplish what they came to your site to do.

Positive experiences

increases customers’ willingness to pay by 14.4 percent, reduces their likeliness to switch brands by 15.8 percent, and increases their likelihood to recommend a product by 16.6 percent”

Source: Forrester Research

Here’s What You Can Expect

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Before we can design a website that is user-friendly we have to know who the user is. We also have to know about your industry and your competition. To gain this information you can expect us to:

  1. Kick-Off Meeting: This is when we get your team together and discuss, in detail, what everyone’s goals are for the site. We’re going to explore, in depth, how those goals will tie into your business goals. We’ll also discuss a number of other topics such as audience segments, competitors, industry trends, and more.
  2. Surveys: Many times we reach out to your existing customers to gain some insight as to what their expectations are from a website. The information that we gain from these surveys can often be invaluable to the design of your new website.
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Content Audit

Literally everything on your website is content.

How you convey your company image is done with content. How you answer the questions that your website visitors have is done with content. How you encourage visitors to become customers is done with content. This stuff is huge.

To have it make the biggest impact, you have to know what content you currently have. You have to know what content you need. And, you have to know what content that you currently have it out-of-date.

Then, the content that has to be created or updated has to get written. It’s a lot of work.

But, we take care of all of that. One of our team members is a copywriter and has years of experience writing content that converts. We can help you with this too.

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Design Comps

We’ll prepare no less than 3 design comps for you to review. This is the most exciting part of the entire process and we want to make sure that you give you enough choices to pick the look and feel that will best represent your company.

All of our designs are mobile-friendly and designed to be fully responsive so that your new site will look amazing no matter what device the user is using.


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UX Testing

Usability testing gives us the ability to test the performance of the new site design against the assumptions that everyone made during the planning of the page layouts. The typical UX testing that we do are:

  • Heat mapping of impact pages
  • Session recordings of live users
  • User testing sessions with live people just like your customers
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