If you’ve been hearing a lot about marketing automation, lately and wondering what is marketing automation we’re going to give you a lot of information about the benefits of marketing automation.

Marketing automation is a software platform that does a number of things for your company.

Benefits of marketing automation


If you’re like most people that we talk to you’re already overwhelmed with all of the different ways to market online and this is just one more thing that adds to it.

Marketing automation will actually make your life easier and improve the quality of your marketing messages. Here’s how:

  • Deliver highly personalized marketing messages to your leads based on where they are in their buying cycle.
  • Improve the quality of your leads by filtering out people that aren’t ready to buy, just yet.
  • Integrate with your content marketing and increase your ROI.
  • Market to your leads as they are going through the decision process, without any manual work required by you.
  • Marketing automation provide you with a lead scoring system that will alert you when a sales lead is ready for a sales call.

Email Marketing Automation

At its core marketing automation uses email as a communication tool that drips product or service information to a lead as they are going through their decision-making process.

Every buyer goes through a decision process that takes them from needing general information, at the beginning (top of the sales funnel) to more detailed information as they get closer to their decision (bottom of the sales funnel).

Marketing automation uses email to give them the information that your leads are looking for, based on their behaviors.

Personalized Marketing

The idea that personalization will become only more important over time aligns with a recent Adobe survey, in which US marketers tabbed personalization as their most important future area.

Because marketing automation is all based on your leads actions, the email messages that they receive are highly personalized!

This is completely different than a batch-and-blast email marketing campaign where everyone is getting the same message.

Marketing automation uses workflows that are triggered by something that your sales lead does that shows the system what they are interested in.