When a banner ad isn’t a banner ad

The digital marketing terminology that is used, sometimes incorrectly, is a big reason why digital marketing is still so confusing to a lot of marketers. Here’s the story of a situation that we recently went through, with one of our clients.

One of our clients recently had a sales rep, from a pretty large publisher in the market, trying to sell our client on an online ad package. This was a really prominent publisher in the market. They have a monthly magazine that they produce and they have a website, with a business directory, within the website.

The idea behind the package was to get businesses to pay to be listed in their business directory and as a “value add” one of the features of the package was a banner ad on the website’s main pages.

These types of ad packages can be great opportunities for businesses. If the directory is getting good traffic, your brand exposure can increase, because there are typically links in the directories to the businesses site, traffic can be good, and in the case of this package, banner ads are great ways to gain even more brand exposure.

However, in this situation, all was not what it appeared. Take a couple of minutes to hear what happened!