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Drive Traffic

OVER 1,000,000,000 WEBSITES!

And your's is just one of them. How are you going to get found in this sea of websites?

Conversion Optimization

INCREASE CONVERSION RATE OPTIMIZATION FOR ROI If we recognize that all traffic costs money, then conversion rate optimization could represent the single largest impact on your marketing return on investment.

Marketing Automation

WHY YOU NEED TO HEAR ABOUT THIS! You’ve been hearing a lot about marketing automation, lately and wondering what is marketing automation we’re going to give you a lot of information on the benefits of marketing automation.

Case Studies

Digital Marketing Planning Case Study

O'Mara Sprung Floors

Just having traffic coming to your site will not increase your sales. You have to get the right people to your site and that means you have to develop a plan.

Our Thoughts

Online Reputation Management: Controlling Firestorms

Online Word Of Mouth is powerful! I don’t think anyone would dispute that fact but just to back it up here are some recent statistics 50% of Americans would pick word of mouth if they had to pick one source of information [Chatter Matters Report] 72% of people get news from friends and family, making […]

The Truth About Personalization

I know you’ve heard this before. Personalize your marketing messaging and you’ll get better results. So, you started putting the recipient of your email marketing campaign’s first name in the subject line and no great results. There’s nothing more to conclude than that this personalized marketing stuff doesn’t work…just like all that other digital stuff […]


We are a digital marketing agency, located in Flint, MI and the Metro Detroit Area, providing businesses with digital marketing strategy, web design and development, search engine optimization (seo), pay-per-click (ppc), social media marketing, content marketing and marketing automation services.